About ESLC

European Sign Language Centre (ESLC) is  a nonprofit organization, working for making sign language available all over the world. Our headquarter is located in Örebro, Sweden – the sign language capital of Europe.

Since 2006 we have documented more than 500.000 words in sign language and is active in more than 40 countries.

Our aim is to document the different sign languages across the world and make it available through our web based computer tool,  www.spreadthesign.com.

ESC will work to encourage all European countries to recognize and promote access and use of sign language, in accordance with the Convention from 2006 by the United Nations. In order to do this we have, since 2006, created an international network of contacts with most European countries and some countries outside Europe.

In order to achieve our aim we arrange meetings, national and international conferences and seminars together with other countries who wish to document their sign language and make it accessible.

Through partnerships with national agencies, municipalities, counties, foundations, private companies and organizations, we try to increase the availability of sign language.

Annual reports 

Annual report ESLC 2009-2010

Annual report ESLC 2011

Annual report ESLC 2012

Annual report ESLC 2013

Annual report ESLC 2014

Annual report ESLC 2015

Annual report ESLC 2016

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