European Language Label

On the 21th of November the Estonian team was awarded with the title of the European Language Label and the Foreign language deed of 2015 for adding the Estonian and Estonian Sign Language to the Spreadthesign dictionary.

The award was handed over at an annual Estonian foreign language teachers`conference by the representatives of the Estonian Education Ministry and the Archimedes Foundation, who found the dictionary to be very modern, innovative and a helpful tool for teaching, learning and increasing inclusion.

The Estonian team of the Spreadthesign project was the only award winner in Estonia this year. The grant bestowed as an award will be used for maintaining and developing the Spreadthesign dictionary.


Foundation Alares

Foundation Alares is a institutional of Development of studies, consulting and services related to dependency, Conciliation of work and family life, and Social Responsibility of citizens, companies and institutions.

For 6 years this Foundation give the awards “Conciliation of work and familiy life”, there were 404 candidates and the project Spreadthesign won, finally, the award in category Innovation. The President of the Foundation and Ministry of Employment gave us the trophy and diploma. The ceremony for the award took place on 25 Juny 2012 in Madrid.


Best practice 2012 by the EU commission!

A Swedish development project within the Leonardo da Vinci program has been singled out as particularly successful by the EU Commission. The project highlighted is Spread the Sign and aims to improve opportunities for persons with disabilities to participate in education and employment.

Spread the Sign, run by European Sign language Centre in Örebro, have developed an international and fully web-based sign language dictionary. The aim has been to help hearing-impaired students in upper secondary schools to do an internship abroad. The project is getting recognized because it aims to improve the skills of people with special needs, says Marianne Feldt, administrator at the International Programme Office in Sweden.



Nominated at Mobilgalan

Spread Signs was nominated as the best public service at the Swedish Mobile Awards. Forty-five of the hottest Swedish mobile companies, initiatives and services was nominated to the Golden Mobile prizes that are awarded at the Mobilgalan gala night the 10th of November.


RTVE (Corporation of Spanish radio and television)

Through the website announce the International Awards for Audiovisual Innovation on Internet INVI 2011. These awards aim to foster and acknowledge innovation and quality in the creation of new video-based contents especially designed for the Internet, whose format/language fully uses the interactive resources available on the web.

The aim is to discover and foster new talent being created on Internet in relation to new audiovisual languages and formats for the new medium.

The awards are annound in three categories: Fiction, Non-fiction and Educational.

The conditions of participation are: Competing works must be based on video which is the protagonist of the contents. And an explanatory report on the video contents shall be attached to the same in Spanish and English.

The ceremony for the awards took place on 22th November 2011 in Madrid. Spreadthesign, represented by Fundación Accesibilidad Sin Barreras, won the special award INVI 2011 for the best educational project.


Nominated to Best practice by European Commisssion

The one and only project the Swedish National Agency International programme office wanted to highligth towards the European Commission. It was then, out of all EU member countries, shoosen by the commission into a group of five projects that that could win the title best practise 2010 of Europes Leonardo da Vinch projects.



European Language Award Label supports new initiatives in teaching and learning, appreciates new approaches in teaching, expanding awareness of their existence and thus supports the use of proven method . Label Award is open to all aspects of education and training. Its main objective is to promote innovation in language teaching and promoting innovative projects at the national level Label Award aims to raise standards of teaching foreign languages across Europe.

During May 2010 the jury evaluated 31 applications received, from the competition selected 12 projects that made it to the second round of assessment visits to control. Based on the results of visits jury awarded seven of them by European Language Award Label 2010. Spreadthesign project was awarded by this prize.

Creatively Conference on language teaching took place on the 19th November 2010 in Prague, where we were invited to present project Spreadthesign. There were teachers who are engaged in school and out-of-school language teaching.
Award Label coordinated by the European Commission, managed by individual member states whose national juries decide on detailed criteria.




Fundetec is Infotechnological Development of Business and Society Foundation, a non-profit organisation and the main aim of this organisation is to reduce the digital breach of ICT in Spain.
Since 2005 Fundetec give the prizes for the best projects. The ceremony for the prize took place on 3rd February 2011 in Madrid. At the ceremony was attended by members of Fundetec, important representatives of the University, new technology companies, etc. There were 96 candidates and finally Spreadthesign, represented by Fesorcam, won the prize VI EDICIÓN PREMIOS FUNDETEC as the best project used by citizens.



ERSTE Foundation Award for Social integration 2011

Non-profit organizations come and find alternative ways of funding to help people on the society edge. Organizacions had to be innovative, different and creative approach to the same issues, in order to achieve their goals. ERSTE Foundation project manager for the social integration was Dejan Petrovic

132 selected projects receive benefits such as: cooperation with the media, support provided by professional consultants for 2 – year period, participation in seminars of professionals. ERSTE Foundation experts team visited 12 countries (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia) for further evaluation of projects in final round.International jury chose the winner of the 30 projects that were awarded in Prague at the famous Barrandov Studios on the 20th June 2011.

Our project Spreadtesign was selected by an international jury selected from 132 projects that were evaluated by a group of national and local experts from a total of 1,850 applications submitted.

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The committee of representatives of People with Disabilities in the Community of Madrid (CERMI Madrid) has institutted a prize in the field of the Community under tha namne of PRODIS, which serve as an instrument of recognition of the solidarity shown by the company with the objectives advocated by the highest representative institutions of all persons with disabilities in the Community. is decided to award the PRODIS 2011 in recognition of the search for the standardization of sign language through new technologies. Facilitating the creation of the web, that information is accessible anywhere in the world that can know and learn, the benefit of deaf student / as in the field of Vocational Training and interpreters and / or theachers who are deaf.